Payment made simple and convenient.

Enable your phone to accept any contactless payment methods and get all the perks of being a Link4Pay merchant.

Simple and smart way to control your business!

We give you control of your business finance and with just one device.

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Dashboard With Insights

Real-time access to your transactions the moment they are processed.


Secure All

Accept all major international cards.



Access your payouts and review fees in detail.

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No Terminal and Rental Fees

Run your business with multiple terminals with no cost. Simplifying your business.

Smartphones that are compatible with Link4Pay SoftPOS

Huawei p30 pro​

OnePlus 8​

Samsung Galaxy S20​

Xiaomi Redmi 9C NFC​

Couldn’t find your phone?

Get in touch with us to check if
your device is compatible with our requirements.
Your phone just needs NFC and Android 8.0 or above.

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Grow your business with expanded payment options to enable customers to pay anytime, anywhere.

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We offer solutions to accept payments online by web shop, by phone orders or any other channel.

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Payroll Payout Services

Make it easier to send payroll and bonuses to your team with a simple interface and integration into our API.

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Google Pay

Safe and secure, it’s easy to use and works with the devices you use every day. Shopping is now easier than ever with Google Pay, because it allows you to pay quickly and securely on your mobile device.

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Fraud Prevention System

Reduce fraud and chargebacks while increasing conversion through global, real-time fraud management of your online and mobile channels.

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POS Attended

An in-store experience that’s easy, safe and convenient, enabling your customers to benefit from high levels of service and security, promoting loyalty and repeat visits from satisfied customers.

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POS Unattended

Does not require human interaction, ensuring security for your customers by providing a safe payment process.

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