One-Tap Payment for Digital Wallets Providers

The One-Tap payment comes with an intuitive in-app experience for customers and a monitoring and management app for the merchants. Customer can top-up their wallets and get back to using their wallet quickly without friction. The Digital Wallet Providers can monitor and manage One-Tap payments along with real-time notifications with our Admin App.


Payments for gamers Made Simple

We developed a simple platform for the gamers with most intuitive and innovative ways to pay.

  • Synchronous payments in a single tap
  • Integration complementing in-game experience
  • Widest range of payment methods
  • Superfast and reliable payment experience

Payments reconciliation Made Simple

No matter the size of your business, the Reconciliation is one of those issues that take a life of their own. Even though payments reconciliation seems like a straightforward process, however, it is not the case due to the many challenges faced by the accountants and analysts while reconciling the transactions. In order to run efficiently, the process of reconciliation requires to be automated to a significant level lest it takes up resources and time that literally cost the business a lot of money. Wouldn’t it be great if the payments reconciliation could be done in a single click? Our solutions offers an Automated Reconciliation as a part of our Payment Gateway Service and help you make reconciliation a simple part of normal daily business.


Checkout Made Simple

Customize your payment page to match your webstore to offer your customers a safe and smooth buying experience through our fully PCI-Compliant Level 1 Hosted Payment Page.

Our payment page is fully responsive and cross-device compatible. Choose from ready-to-go templates built with your business in mind. Without changing a single line of code.


PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1 compliant with a dedicated team safeguarding your data at all levels.


Fine tune your customers’ checkout experience with custom themes, fonts, colors, and background. Payment page that complements your webstore’s look and feel.


From large devices to smaller screens, our page got you covered.

Link4Pay Checkout Page

Link4Pay Checkout page is a ready to use. The payment page that you can customize to give your customers a common experience either online and on mobile.

Drag & Drop Interface

Multi-lingual and multi-currency themes offering dynamic payment methods based on country/region

Cross device compatibility

Our payment pages are fully responsive on all devices to make payments on the go.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Try and test with multiple designs and themes to know what suits your business the most.

Best Checkout Experience

We handle all validations on checkout to help you handle your business.

Quick Checkout

Let your customers experience our frictionless checkout where typing card details is a thing of the past.

Seamless and Secure

With our secure card vault, customer’s cards are securely saved on our platform and made available across businesses. Customers new to your platform can checkout just as seamlessly as your existing ones by just entering CVV and 3D-Secure.

Our technical provider NewGen Payment’s system is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and safely stores saved cards for maximum security.

Card Management

Your customers can easily add or delete their saved cards. It’s their data after all.

Tailored to fit every Screen

Our payment pages are just as responsive on mobile devices, allowing customers to make payment on the go.