Intelligent Routing

How does it work?

Step 1. Payment split

Your customer adds participant email addresses with whom they wish to share the payment and chooses how to split the amount (evenly, percentage wise or custom split).

Step 2. Share link

A payment link is sent to each participant automatically and the split is created successfully.

Step 3. Check the payments status

Your customer can now easily track and control the status of all the payments and will be notified of payments when they are made.

How you Benefit?

  • Enable shared payments on gifts, high ticket items, and other consumer goods, services, and subscriptions.
  • Increase top-line growth by edging competitors with state-of-the-art shared payment options at checkout.
  • Grow brand awareness when customers share their purchase experience with participating friends and relatives.
  • Developer friendly with straightforward API's.
  • Competitive credit card processing rates.