Secure Payment Processing

Link4Pay’s multi-channel payments platform provide the flexibility to support in-store, online and mobile needs with the scalability to power sales today and in the future

Payments Security

with smart tokenization (including omni-tokens) and P2P encryption

Protect Against Fraud

with the right settings to penetrate new markets safely with robust, multilayered fraud prevention capabilities

A Global Payments Network

accepting all payment types and accessing a global network of alternative payment methods through a single eCommerce payments gateway connection

Seamless Payments Across Multiple Merchant Shopping Channels

  • Serve your customers globally using their preferred payment methods anytime, any place

  • Deliver payment services across digital channels and in-store from the same payments platform

  • Support true multi-channel customer journeys with a consistent, seamless payments experience

  • Gain a single view of your customers across channels and enable personalized service and closer relationships

  • Bring digital payment experiences in-store with pay-by-mobile capabilities

Secure Your Ideal Payments Processing Platform

  • Choose a deployment model including in your private data center, public cloud or as a fully managed merchant payments service

  • Support the growth and deliver mission-critical payment solutions with a stable and scalable platform, with fully redundant data center facilities

  • Select your preferred acquirers, terminal vendors and more for a full mutli-channel solution — also offered as a packaged, pre-certified solution for easy implementation and fast onboarding

  • Reduce the burden and costs of compliance

Stay Flexible and in Control Through Multi-Acquiring

Achieve acquirer independence to increase conversions and add flexibility, resilience and cost savings.

Access local and cross-border acquirers through a simple integration to an independent eCommerce gateway
Route transactions to the acquirers best suited to your business, location and transaction type
Retry declined transactions without making further demands on your customers

Industry Expertise

Fuelling and Convenience

Gaming and Digital Entertainment


Payment Service Providers



Travel and Transportation

Enable Multi-Channel Payments: