Dynamic, Digital In-Store Payments

An in-store experience that mirrors the easy, safe and convenient payments that your customers can benefit. With high levels of service and security you can create confidence, build trust, promote loyalty and drive repeat visits from satisfied customers.
Your business can benefit from our competitive pricing, reliable terminals, fast settlements to your account. To manage your business in an efficient and simple way we offer your access to our intuitive merchant portal to manage transactions, fees, settlements, full reporting that can be customised to help you in reconciliation. We are here to support your business with our own 24/7 CALL CENTRE for fast and efficient support

Fraud Prevention

Enjoy the highest levels of security and resilience with data centers built specifically for payments, managed by payment experts.

Freedom to Choose

Select the acquirer to suit your needs via connectivity to a large and growing global network of acquirers.

Ongoing Enhancements

Receive card-scheme mandates and platform and security updates while your data remains private and segregated.


Deliver Payment Methods and Checkout Experiences Customers Love

Drive conversions and loyalty by empowering your customers to pay whenever and how they choose to do so.

Support popular alternative and emerging payment methods, including PayPal, WeChat Pay, instalment payments and QR-based products.

Accept non-scheme-branded cards, including gift cards, private label or loyalty cards with PEDs, and pass them to external systems for processing.

Enable the growing number of omni-channel interactions that begin online and are completed in-store.


Work with Acquirers and Hardware Vendors Best Suited to Your Business

Maintain flexibility to build and adapt your payments infrastructure and add new payment capabilities.

  • Choose the hardware best suited to your needs from a range of PED manufacturers and POS vendors
  • Support countertop and mobile POS, as well as self-checkout and endless aisle terminals
  • Integrate your POS and digital channels quickly and simply with our powerful APIs
Discover the advantages of a multi-acquiring strategy

Offload POS Payment Processing Functions

Preserve investments, support the latest POS system capabilities and limit your PCI-DSS scope.

Future proof your POS and support legacy and emerging payment solutions

Reduce implementation, maintenance, operation and compliance costs

Implement a comprehensive message set including purchase, refund/reversal, dynamic currency conversion, pre-pay top-up and more

Enable secure authentication with support for P2PE, SSL and manual authentication

Gain> added resiliency with support for connections to redundant data centers and automatic software upgrades



  • Real-time Merchant Portal. Get free access to our portal providing online real-time access to all your online, mobile and point of sale payment transactions.
  • Full Support. Our 24/7/365 on-call support are available for any assistance you may need.
  • Simple & Efficient. Process payments in seconds thanks to a fast processor and ample memory.
  • Easy To Set Up. Our support team will ensure your device is set up and ready to use straight out of the box, all you have to do is just connect and use it, saving you valuable time and ensuring you’re ready to collect card payments right away.
  • Multi-channel solution. Whether your business takes card payments in person, online or over the phone, we have a solution for you.
  • Customers can pay in their currency. Generate a new revenue stream by offering customers to pay in their local currency with Dynamic Currency Conversion.
  • Work shifts Support. Control your daily transactions through bundles of transactions assigned to shifts making it easier to reconcile your daily payments.
  • Reservation management. Our solution supports a fully managed reservation system through pre-authorization, update previous and finally completion methods making easier for you and your customers

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