Link4pay SoftPOS available for Cyprus and Greece

Tap-to-phone technology is here to change forever the way everyday transactions are done. The use of smartphones in payment terminals gives tremendous flexibility to users. Apart from the fact that sellers simply use an application on their mobile, escaping from the traditionally complex credit or debit card terminals, they now have the ability to reduce cash payments to a minimum.

An excellent tap-to-phone experience is provided by Link4pay SoftPOS, which accepts payments with international cards (Visa & Mastercard), with minimum charges, making the everyday life of a business much easier and simpler! With Link4pay SoftPOS, the company is relieved from the need to purchase or rent a card terminal, which is an expensive option, including maintenance, repair or replacement needs, cables and paper for printing receipts from the machine. Converting the point of sale into an app on mobile, eliminates all these expenses, easily, quickly and practically, while reducing the daily hassle.

After all, many service companies that provide their services outside their workplaces end up never being paid, as there is no full assurance that the customer will pay the invoice and send the electronic payment after the visit. With Link4pay SoftPOS, however, the mobile phone now also functions as a payment terminal, relieving any concern, since it enables the receipt of payments on the spot, providing all the insurance safeguards.

In addition, the Link4pay SoftPOS solution provides the option to archive all transactions in one place, giving access to a digital platform with transaction information, which allows to keep all financial data up to date at any time in real time. In this way Link4pay SoftPOS evolved worldwide as the most ideal way to grow a business technologically, easily, quickly and reliably.

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